Showcase the stories that connect your community.

Philanthrosphere® is a customizable digital story-telling platform that allows organizations to present interconnected content. It gives you the tools to turn lists and visuals into graceful storylines, tours, and directories.

Create an authentic experience​

Theme and organize information that aligns with your brand and mission because every community is different.

search content

Build content with easy-to-use admin tools

Customize permissions with creation, review, and publishing rights to grow your library of stories.

recognition profile

Recognize your community members with distinction

Build individual stories linked to profiles, lists, and displays because recognition is more than a name on a wall.

Store an infinite volume of searchable content

Accommodate an infinite number of profiles and stories because every member matters.

Tour with virtual maps and displays

Create interactive visuals with limitless capacity because some stories are best told with a picture.

Launch quickly with strategic support

Measure effectiveness over time with a plan for continued growth. Philanthrosphere® comes with a team of experts every step of the way.

donor recognition platform

Create, categorize, review, and publish

The admin portal allows you to create lists, categorize content, and layout stories with media that are responsive across devices. Mapping capabilities allow for virtual tours. With different levels of build and review permissions for your team, you can opt for password-protected presentations and non-indexed web pages.

Link users to explore on their own

Each site is presented on the domain name of your choosing and branded to align with your other online assets. The content archive becomes an invaluable tool for fundraisers, and users have the opportunity to tour the full experience on their own!

virtual recognition platform

Schedule a Conversation

Philanthrosphere is backed by the expertise of Heurista, a trusted partner in designing meaningful engagement and recognition strategies for donors, volunteers, and other constituents. We welcome the opportunity to brainstorm ways to create a sphere of excited supporters for your organization.