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Philanthrosphere® is a customizable software platform that allows organizations to gather, organize, and present interconnected content. The platform gives you the tools to turn overlapping lists and an array of visual assets into simple, graceful storylines, tours, and directories. The versatile tools are especially useful for volunteer, donor, sponsor, and partner recognition.

Create an authentic experience

Every community is different. It has its own look and feel and a sense of organization specific to its purpose. Philanthrosphere® allows you to theme and organize information so that is aligned with your brand and mission.

Store and present an infinite volume of searchable content

Philanthrosphere® is built differently from all other online or interactive content. It is designed to accommodate an infinite number of profiles and stories. You have options for what content is featured, published, or accessed by administrators only.

Recognize your community members with specificity

Recognition is so much more than a list of names. Philanthrosphere® makes it easy to build individual profiles linked to other profiles, lists, stories, and displays. Furthermore, the robust content management system expedites keeping those links up to date.

Launch quickly with strategic support

We won’t make you go it alone! Philanthrosphere® comes with a team of experts to help you every step of the way. We’ll start by identifying the content that will be most meaningful to your community and leave you with a plan for growing your content and measuring its effectiveness over time.

Tour complex information with virtual maps and displays

Some stories are best told with a picture. Philanthrosphere® provides a robust set of tools for building virtual tours. The interactive capacity is limitless when images are linked to stories, lists, profiles, or other maps.

Build content on your own with easy-to-use admin tools

As soon as you’re ready, you can start creating content. You’ll have all you need to maintain lists, build or customize profiles, and grow your library of stories. Philanthropshere® lets teams work in tandem with varying degrees of creation, review, and publishing rights.

donor recognition platform

Create, categorize, review, and publish content online

The intuitive admin portal allows you to customize imported data, create dynamic lists, categorize content, and layout stories that are responsive across devices. Media may include copy, images, and video. Mapping capabilities allow for virtual touring of campuses, exhibits, or collections. Multiple levels of build and review permissions allow you to work collaboratively among teams. Clients may opt for password-protected presentations as well as non-indexed web pages.

Link users to specific content or to the landing page to explore on their own

Each site is presented on the domain name of your choosing and branded to seamlessly align with your other online assets. The content archive becomes an invaluable tool for fundraisers, managers, or friends who want to direct users to specific information via email, text, or social media. And, once on the site, users have the opportunity to tour the full experience on their own!

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Schedule a Conversation

Philanthrosphere is backed by the expertise of Heurista, a trusted partner in designing meaningful engagement and recognition strategies for donors, volunteers, and other constituents. We welcome the opportunity to brainstorm ways to create a sphere of excited supporters for your organization.

Tour Sites


Haywood Street Congregation

At the Haywood Street Congregation in Asheville, North Carolina there is a new means of bringing people together and “affirming sacred worth, restoring human dignity, and sabotaging the shame of poverty, the Haywood Street Fresco announces, in plaster and pigment, that you matter.” Philanthrosphere® was chosen to translate the project for the digital space, bring understanding to how the fresco fits into the Haywood Street Mission and Ministry and recognize participants and supporters. Interconnected stories provide audiences with additional information about the themes, models, artists involved in the creation of this incredible piece of art.

View the site here.

topeka shawnee county library

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Awarded Library of the Year in 2016, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is a bustling hub of community activity. Philanthrosphere® launched there in July 2019. Content is presented on a large screen television and toured via an iPad mounted in the lobby, as well as by any web-enabled device. The presentation celebrates donors to all current and past campaigns, showcases reserved and available naming opportunities, and recognizes the many individuals who accept lead volunteer roles on behalf of the library.

View the site here.