Phoebe Health Foundation

The Phoebe Health Foundation is using the Philanthrosphere® PS Loop to recognize donors who gave to support the revitalization of the Light House– a respite center for those experiencing cancer. The presentation contains scrolling lists, images, and storytelling and is presented on screens throughout the building.


Haywood Street Congregation

At the  Haywood Street Congregation in Asheville, North Carolina there is a new means of bringing people together and “affirming sacred worth, restoring human dignity, and sabotaging the shame of poverty, the Haywood Street Fresco announces, in plaster and pigment, that you matter.” Philanthrosphere® was chosen to translate the project for the digital space, bring understanding to how the fresco fits into the Haywood Street Mission and Ministry and recognize participants and supporters. Interconnected stories provide audiences with additional information about the themes, models, artists involved in the creation of this incredible piece of art.

topeka shawnee county library

Topeka and Shawnee Country Public Library

Awarded Library of the Year in 2016, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is a bustling hub of community activity. Philanthrosphere® launched there in July 2019. Content is presented on a large screen television and toured via an iPad mounted in the lobby, as well as by any web-enabled device. The presentation celebrates donors to all current and past campaigns, showcases reserved and available naming opportunities, and recognizes the many individuals who accept lead volunteer roles on behalf of the library.

Wabash General Foundation

Wabash General Hospital Foundation

Located in Mount Carmel, Illinois, the Wabash General Hospital Foundation is utilizing the Philanthrosphere® PS Loop to extend the capacity of their new donor recognition display. Three scrolling lists are presented on a screen within a larger display. These lists can be updated through the Philanthrosphere® admin tool in real time, making it easy to keep lists current.