Philanthrosphere® provides four easy-to-use building blocks – profiles, stories, maps, and billboards – and three organizational tools – links, lists, and categories – to create the interconnected storytelling your audiences will enjoy. Use the Philanthrosphere® Admin Suite to design a unique, fully branded online experience that will showcase the mission-critical relationships within your community.



The individual profile is the most distinctive feature of Philanthrosphere®. Profiles can showcase one person, a couple or family, a company, or even a collectible object… whatever is at the center of your community. The
profile includes a searchable name, a representative image, a customizable description, and various opportunities to link to lists, stories, maps, or billboards that are associated with the profile. Links between the profile and the other storytelling mechanisms are dynamic so that lists and categories stay current based on the content of the profile. System administrators manage the complete profile from the Philanthrosphere® Admin Suite, choosing what content it published to the public-facing site.


Create rich content with
text, photos, video and embedded lists. Stories may be highlighted in the Featured Stories menu, presented in lists, or linked to profiles to add to create a library of interconnected information. Users self-guide through the content, making choices from the links you create.


Build interactive tours of content associated with an image, such as a
map of a place, a photograph of a display, or a diagram to explain a concept. This tool offers versatile linking between images and other content, including profiles, stories, lists, or other maps. 


Create content that will serve as a screensaver or image loop on a large format screen. These
images can include graphics, text and photography along with scrolling lists built within the Philanthrosphere® platform. The billboards can be accessed from the Featured Stories menu, giving you the option to create message-specific landing pages for visitors accessing the system through email or social media links.



Lists can be created by manually by linking profiles or other content to a story or billboard or – as is so necessary in terms of recognition – lists can be dynamically created from data stored within the system. Use details on the profiles, such as area of interest, geography, gift amounts, years of service, or other reportable data to create lists that group profiles with like behaviors or areas of interest.


Categories allow you to group large volumes of information so that you lead users into the content in ways that encourage exploration. Use the landing page for each subcategory to present a logo or image, give a brief description to set the context, and present links or lists to profiles and stories. Once they’re making choices, users will continue forward through the interconnected content, rarely returning to the Home menu.


The Philanthrosphere® Admin Suite allows you to easily manage all your content from one place.

Quick and Easy Updates
No code. No plugins. No mess. Just a simple editor that makes updating content and profiles as easy as clicking a button.

Easy to Use Dashboard 
Monitor use statistics for all user accounts.
Set and measure progress toward storytelling and engagement goals. 

Billboard Creator
Create a variety of decks with billboard-style content for display on screens of all sizes. These may be displayed throughout your organization, with content developed specifically for each audience. 

Multiple Admin Roles 
Manage internal reviews and approvals with multiple administrative roles. 

Photography and Image Management
Once photography and graphics are uploaded for a piece of content, they are stored, accessible, and searchable by all users.