Haywood Street Congregation

In 2019, Haywood Street embarked on a signature project that would bring more visitors to their sanctuary to experience the organization and their mission firsthand. Haywood Street engaged an artist to create large fresco in their sanctuary that features clients, volunteers, and other community members. Tucked into the foyer of the sanctuary is an information alcove with 3 kiosks that use Philanthrosphere to provide visitors with a digital docent to explore the themes and figures in the fresco. When not in use, each of the iPads displays a loop with messages central to Haywood Street's mission. 

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University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Located in Colorado, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is utilizing the Philanthrosphere® PS Loop to showcase current messaging associated with their endowed chairs program. You can tour their endowed chairs display here.

Wabash General Foundation

Wabash General Hospital Foundation

Located in Mount Carmel, Illinois, the Wabash General Hospital Foundation is utilizing the Philanthrosphere® PS Loop to extend the capacity of their new donor recognition display. Three scrolling lists will be presented on a screen within a larger display. These lists can be updated through the Philanthrosphere® admin tool in real time, making it easy to keep lists current.

Phoebe Health Foundation

The Phoebe Health Foundation is using the Philanthrosphere® PS Loop to recognize donors who gave to support the revitalization of the Light House– a respite center for those experiencing cancer. The presentation contains scrolling lists, images, and storytelling and is presented on screens throughout the building.